TRX News Story

The TRX was created following years of vast study & development in the field. It is a resistance training system consisting of nylon webbed straps, grips and anchors that is able to be attached to any secure weight bearing base. 

At first created as a military training option (Navy Seals) and subsequently launched as a resourceful exercise tool for skilled Personal and Athletic Trainers, the TRX suspension trainer delivers heightened functionality and adaptability than bulky, expensive equipment.

The TRX makes it possible for over three hundred upper & lower body exercises, every one can be progressed in order to reflect your fitness levels. The complexity level can be adjusted by where you position your body, since your body weight is your resistance. It also features an important caribina with locking tooth to accommodate even the most demanding users.

Weighing less than 1kg and stored inside a small bag, the system is very portable and sets up in just below a minute enabling you to train at the sports hall, on the field, at home, on the road or outside in all weather conditions.

Suspension training builds greater muscular balance, joint stability, mobility and core strength helping you perform better in any sport. It also improves stance and aids to prevent potential injuries. The TRX Suspension Training System allows you to perform literally hundreds of total body exercises and also can help you lose weight.

“Having been a personal trainer for some 12 years now and in all my experience I cannot recommend any single piece of equipment anymore highly. Training clients at all different levels and fitness I can use the TRX with them all knowing that they are going to get a complete body workout.

“It is completely portable and easy to use inside a gym or in the great outdoors. The product is of the highest quality and very user friendly.

“If the personal trainer uses the TRX as I do in my own training, there can be no bigger compliment.” – Michael Millen, Feelalivetraining

As the official distributor of the TRX in the UK, Escape Fitness is operating directly with clubs to develop and make dedicated TRX zones intended for group training. Here are some of the products we have on sale:

Door Anchor

Now you can get your full TRX workout everywhere there is a door.

The Door Anchor’s nylon, high density foam and felt system slips without problems over the top of any solid wood or metal door and, once the door is shut up, offers 100% sturdy support. It don’t scratch or damage any paint or wood and folds up with no trouble for storage and portability. Included is a useful “Workout in Progress” safety sign – just hang it on the outside of the door.

TRX X-mount

The TRX  anchoring system is for those ready to commit a space to repeated working out use.

This unobtrusive-looking, 4.5” diameter, high-quality steel construction plate attaches easily to any wall; or, affix it to a vertical stud or a secure overhead beam. It supports all TRX Suspension Trainer models.

TRX All Body Express DVD & Guide

Busy lives call for healthy bodies – so fitting in a workout is crucial, time crunch or not.

Now it’s easier than ever: The All Body Express Workout DVD delivers cardiovascular and spot training exercises that target all the major muscle groups in just twenty five minutes.

You can double up the routine for maximum endurance and strength building. Comes with bonus warm-up routine, expert tips and techniques, and a complete, waterproof fold-out usage and set-up guide. Get fit in just 25 minutes a day – no excuses.

TRX  Military FORCE DVD and Guide

Get into Peak Operational Readiness – or, in civilian terms, the best shape of your life. Follow TRX  creator and former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick and Fitness Anywhere Director of Education Fraser Quelch through a one-two punch of a workout.

Intended to be carried out on alternating days, the two programs start at a moderate level and ratchet up the training forcefully over a 12-week period, taking your strength and endurance up to a level of America’s highest echelon of fighting forces.

The DVD consists of a bonus warm-up routine, two-real time workouts, exclusive tips and techniques from Hetrick and Quelch, and a useful workout log to follow your personal progress.

We have a array of support materials including training manuals, dvds and posters on sale – visit our website for more information: