The Treatment And Causes Of Hangover Dehydration

Hangover dehydration is one of the major causes of the other hangover effects that all people hate. It can cause dry mouth and throat aside from causing fatigue. During hangover dehydration, the electrolyte level in the body is extremely low. Since it does not really choose its victims, it makes hangover dehydration so much worse. This is the reason why all people should be aware of the treatments that are necessary for the condition as well as its major causes.

Ultimately, the thing that causes hangover dehydration is kidney failure. Drinking causes the kidneys to not do its job properly. Since one of the functions of kidneys is to absorb water, the suddenly loses its ability to absorb water whenever there is alcohol in a person’s body.

Hangover dehydration is further worsened by frequent urination. This is not really avoidable since it is the body’s normal reaction to alcohol. What they can do though is stay in a place that is near to the comfort room. It is also worsened by excessive sweating. Sweating however, is caused by the hyperactivity of the central nervous system due to the presence of alcohol in the body. What does is further increase the rate that the body is getting rid of water.

The most effective cure for hangover dehydration though is not that expensive and complicated. The solution is simply water therapy. What makes it so effective is the fact that water contains all the essential electrolytes that the body has lost because of drinking. Also, it does not contain any preservatives and other chemicals that might worsen other hangover effects.

Energy drinks that are packed with electrolytes are also a good choice. They can be used as substitute for water therapy even if they cost more. Energy drinks also contain vitamins supplements and minerals which only makes it better. The information was given by a nutritionist who’s also a consultant of how to buy property and deal with car rental in NZ.