The Different Styles & Models Of Teapots

While there are many different styles and models of teapots, they are usually made from cast iron, glass, or ceramic teapots. While ceramic is a little bit different than glass as far as how it is made, it can be considered basically the same. There are pros and cons to using all of these different kinds of tea pots.

Should you find that you need a teapot that is designed for serving your guests, the best option is going to be either ceramic or glass teapots. There are a vast number of style options, some of the most popular being oriental, decanters and even floral designs. There is almost certainly a pot that can match any d├ęcor you have. What is often the largest problem with ceramic or glass is that while they remain durable, they won’t handle extreme temperature changes and any direct heat from a gas powered stove that has an exposed heating element. In these cases, water from a secondary source that has been heated will be placed into the prepped ceramic or glass tea pot.

We find that another problem of ceramic or even glass is that they won’t keep their heat very long, unless the tea is consumed quickly, or if there is another way to keep the teapot warm. In no time the liquid will be cool.

Because of this, some individuals look for other metal tea pots, one such type being cast iron. When you use cast iron teapots, you find there are a number of advantages, but some disadvantages as well. Cast iron by nature is a very thick and heavy metal and can hold a number of different heating sources. If you are out at a campsite, you can actually place it on the fire. This is something you cannot do with glass or ceramic. Because they are constructed from metal, they will also keep their heat and it is more evenly distributed. When you have a good cast iron teapot, it will keep its heat for over an hour from the time it is removed from its heating source.

There are some disadvantages to cast iron though. The biggest is that this type of pot can be very heavy, especially if it is larger in size. Since it is constructed from metal, the entire unit can become dangerously hot and you must use caution when handling it. Many users also complain about the look of these tea pots as they are very unsightly and won’t look all that spectacular at your tea party. Then again, if you are a practical person, you won’t be throwing these parties anyway and you will find that a cast iron pot is your top choice.

You can pick up all three types of teapots just about anywhere, but for the best prices and a wider selection, you should go online. There are many Different specialty websites that sell nothing but different kinds of teapots, and offer a wide selection of styles and designs. If you are looking for a good bargain, then one of the best websites to go to is Not only do they have some of the lowest prices, but they offer reviews from real customers, and have free shipping on certain orders.