Pregnancy Timeline – A Male Perspective

I am writing this because I have found a lack of information about the pregnancy timeline from a male’s point of view. My girlfriend is pregnant with our first child and it is something that we are very happy about. She is now over 3 months gone.

I hope when you found out that your partner was expecting that you were very excited. It won’t take a while along the pregnancy timeline for you to experience some changes. I hope that this will give you some warning so that you know what to expect. Hopefully you will be handle it the best you can.

My girlfriend had morning sickness a lot. This is possibly the most common symptom of pregnancy. Although it is called ‘morning’ sickness, the feeling doesn’t just happen in the mornings, it can happen at any time. My girlfriend tended to get hers when she was feeling hungry so try to keep your partner fed and watered!

Another change that your girlfriend will see will be in her energy levels. She will be feeling tired all of the time. She will stay in bed longer in the mornings and your daily routines will need to be flexible to accommodate this. While she will be more tired it is good if she can keep her daily routine going for as long as she can.

She is likely to be very tired when she gets home from work and will want to put her feet up in front of the television. You will have to do some jobs around the house that you didn’t previously have to do. It will pass and she will become more energetic further along the pregnancy timeline.

Here are some of the other symptons that you parnter might get… headaches, bachaches, mood swings, food cravings and constipation. It will all be worth it in the end though.