Old Postage Stamps – Learn From My Experience

I have been doing my best this year learning about old postage stamps. The reason for that is because my Granddad had a collection and it is now my responsibility to maintain. It is amazing the amount of things that you have to know to maintain them correctly.

Being able to go through the entire collection of old postage stamps was a treat. I went throught the entire collection and recorded each stamp, it took me and my girlfriend a very long time. I think it is best to have your collection recorded properly. It also helps for insurance purposes.

I was very keen to take them home and as a result I stored the old postage stamps incorrectly (for a short time). I had them in a flat position on the floor. This can damage the stamps. You should have them in a upright position. You also want them to be left in a dark place that is cool and dry. If possible you want the area to be of zero humidity.

Once I had the album at home I wanted to buy some stamps for it. I was keen to ‘stamp’ my personality on it. I started buying any stamps that I liked but I don’t think that did the collection much good. I went for a theme so it will have a bit more of an order.

There are lots of places that you can buy old postage stamps now. I found that the post office has a useful website for information. There you can buy them at face value although they aren’t presented very well. I have also bought a number over the internet. I have found one or two bargains on Ebay. You also can go to a specialised stamp dealer or have the excitement of an auction.

I have progressed a lot in knowing about old postage stamps. I have learnt a lot and hope to learn more in the future. I will then pass the collection onto the next generation.