More Choice For Your Clients – Dumbbells

It is simple to appreciate why Dumbbells
are the most accepted and common item of strength-training apparatus.

Their versatility in use, choice of models, weight increments and accessories add to their appeal along with the fact that everyone from beginners to advanced clients are able to use them regardless of their gender or age.

With the ever increasing worldwide recognition of free-weights, Escape realise that needs are changing and that the demands on Dumbbells
are only going to grow as customers and clients become more well-informed and sophisticated. As well as being in the free-weight area they are also gaining more use in PT zones and studios to add work out variety.

Escape Fitness has invested a great deal in technology to ensure that we can offer the most advanced products to our customers in order that they, in turn, can offer an enhanced training experience. For example, we have devoted factories and independent quality control facilities to make sure that our Dumbbells are produced to the highest standards demanded by our patents and specifications.

In addition, we are continuing to innovate across our range to offer more possibilities to our buyers. Our new polyurethane Dumbbells
merge a cutting-edge design with an unparalleled durability and 3 year warranty to provide a modern and functional dumbbell.

Couple this with selections including the top selling Escape Rubber Dumbbells, the stylish Nickel Plated Dumbbells and X Rack, through to the new space efficient Reebok Rack and 1-10 Dumbbell set, and it’s easy to see that Escape can help you offer the right Dumbbell for your application.

Polyurethane Dumbbells

The new Escape PU dumbbells have been designed using colour coded ends in order to  ensure that instructors can see that the customers are using suitable weight increments and that the dumbbells are suitably stored on their racks following use.

Red Dumbbell

The 2-20kg ranges are the most popular in the gym as the comparatively lighter weights make them accessible to the bulk of gym users. Place them in the free-weight area for warm ups or in the PT zone for one-to-one customers.

Grey Dumbbell

Like the 2-20kg ranges, the 22-40kg dumbbells are supplied in increments of 2kg. This allows for the user to make a steady progression in their training without losing form or compromising on their workout by having to increase weight to a level that is too high.

Black Dumbbell
Designed for the more advanced user, the 42-50kg range combines the challenge of higher weight levels with the durability of polyurethane construction.

Rubber Dumbbells and Barbell Sets

Escape Rubber Dumbbells and Barbells have been developed to join functionality, durability and contemporary aesthetics plus they will enhance the look of any free weight area.

Combined with a variety of compact storage choices and matching benches, the Escape range makes free-weight training accessible to more consumers than ever before.

The Edge Rubber Dumbbells

Take a step towards the edge.

In consultation with customers, Escape has developed a quality range of dumbbells in a fresh design – The Edge.

In weights of 2.5kg up to 50kg in 2.5kg increments, The Edge has a round body along with a flattened bottom allowing it to roll then settle on a surface. All dumbbell has large color complementary numbers making it trouble-free to recognize the weight at a distance.

With the addition of Escape horizontal racks, you can make sure your free-weight area remains tidy and safe.  As the Edge dumbbell has no bolts or moving parts, it has a durability and performance that sets a increased standard for dumbbells.

Steel Dumbbell Sets with X Rack

The impressive X Rack design and the stylish Steel Dumbbells create an outstanding and compact addition to any gym.

Very space-efficient, making it the obvious choice for the busy gym, studio or even the home where it blends impeccably into the modern environment. This Escape Steel Dumbbell Set has been planned for those who demand in the very best in terms of functionality, design and style.

The Steel Dumbbells are manufactured to the premier standard in tough nickel plated steel with double integral rubber inserts in order to protect the heads. They are on sale in sets of 1-10kg (in 1kg increments) or sets of 2-20kg (in 2kg increments) making them suitable for a wide variety of users.