Ideas For Christmas Presents For Mum

Mum’s aren’t always the easiest people in the world to buy Christmas presents for, particularly if you’re a teenager or male. Buying jewellery isn’t the easiest option as you’re worried about getting the wrong thing, and you don’t want to resort to the obvious chocolates or flowers. So to help out, here are a couple of Christmas gift ideas for mum:


First off, ensure you avoid anything she’s said she needs for round the house. You don’t want to get here something she needs, you should be looking for something she wants. So make sure you avoid getting her a new iron or anything like that.

Instead, get her something that shows you’ve put in a lot of thought and effort. Something personalised will usually do the trick; try getting a family photo blown up and framed or placed onto a canvas, or even better a photo from her childhood.


You don’t have to avoid chocolates entirerly, as long as they’re not the obvious ones. Don’t just get the normal box of chocolates from the supermarket, but put together your own box of hand-picked chocolates from a specialist shop. Then take the box to get wrapped professionally, add a bow and a nice card. That shows a lot more effort and will make her much happier. You could also select single chocolates, box and wrap them and put them in as individual stocking fillers.


The same thing applies to toiletries, and you can go to the same amount of effort. Go to a specialist, luxury store (such as Lush in the UK) and make your own collection of hand-made toiletries. These sorts of shops are also excellent at putting together beautifully presentation boxes and will usually wrap them for you too.


Hopefully that has given you a couple of good ideas for gifts for her this Xmas. Don’t be predictable this year, try and get her something she’ll genuinely love.