How To Help Your Kids With Spelling Words

Ask any adult and they will tell you that few things are more annoying than seeing their children seem to be dumber than they’re. Education is essential, and no one should go out of their way to ruin the English language, but some do. Teens use many different abbreviated words when they’re texting, and though it is simpler this way, it is spreading throughout the world wide web and into course work, leaving people wondering whatever happened to proper spelling and grammar. Help your kids with their spelling words so you feel better about their education, even when their texts leaving you wincing.

Teens aren’t the sole ones that use bad spelling in texts. Texting is protracted and it is considerably easier to type things out as they sound instead of to use proper spelling. As long as your children (or you so far as that is concerned) spell properly otherwise, this is really nothing to worry about. Yet, those that carry it over to the world wide web and even into school papers are going to appear to be less educated than they’re. Your teens might not consider this is a bad aspect of, but it can really hurt them at some point. Stress that spelling words are essential, although shortcuts are okay once in some time.

Techniques For Speed Reading

Start working with spelling words with your children when they’re young. If you take an interest in them and reward them when they do well at a younger age, they are going to take spelling words properly (and learning good grammar) more readily as they grow. Go through their spelling word list with them each week and locate ways to help them learn the hard ones. The English language is one of the most difficult to learn, and our spelling rules are more like directives. Some words don’t follow any rules, making advanced spelling hard for anybody.

Improving Your Speed Reading

The more you work on spelling words with them, the more they are going to learn. When they get their first phone or start speaking to other teens online (with your supervision, of course) speak to them about spelling short cuts that are used to save time. They should recognize when spelling words properly is important and when they can take some easy short cuts. There are some individuals that will not use shortcuts, even in texts, and if you are lucky, your kids will fall into that group. Nevertheless, if they want to use text talk just for texts, explain that this is the only time it is correct, and even then, it hinges on the recipient of the writing.

You do not have to wait for your children to bring home spelling words to work with them on their spelling. You can select words that come up in conversation that you feel are problematic words for some people. The lyrics that you focus on are ones that they are going to remember and often are words that they are going to get right. In the days of spell check and auto correct, people have fewer and fewer need to spell correctly, but that does not mean that they shouldn’t quickly learn how to do it. Spell check is not always going to be there.