How To Choose Your Boxing Gloves


Boxing Gloves are the most important asset for somebody partaking in any boxing activities. No matter if you’re just taking a “boxercise” style class or are more into the boxing sports club training sessions, ensuring your Boxing Gloves are fitting for you is paramount.  Reebok Boxing Gloves facilitate the stylishness and the functionality required by all consumers.
All boxing gloves appearing in the Reebok Boxing Gloves range are designed using state of the art technology. The top of the boxing gloves are made with padded high density foam in order to maintain its form and to shield the metacarpals reducing hand & repetitive strain injuries.

The middle portion of the Boxing Gloves has a breathable mesh palm; the soft padded palm portion offers ventilation as well as regulates the glove temperature, making the Reebok Boxing Glove range more comfortable to wear.
All of the Reebok boxing glove series comes with the enclosure design upon the wrist, allowing Velcro support in order to give a tight fit.
To pick your Reebok Boxing glove you have to first choose your material, the choice between leather and synthetic leather is ultimately down to price, synthetic leather gloves are less expensive but are not as sturdy as their pricier high quality leather choice.
The high quality leather boxing gloves although pricier provide a lot more protection and absorbed impact better than traditional PVC boxing gloves.
The next choice is weight of the boxing glove; lots of people think that as the glove gets bigger the weight increases. In many cases this is true. However, in professional fight gloves the gloves are manufactured to have the same weight regardless of the size. The 8oz boxing glove is traditionally used for light bag sparing seeing that they offer minimal protection, it is suggested that novices at the sport buy a 14oz boxing glove seeing that they offer not only utmost protection but additional support as well.

The most widely used weight for professional fighting is the 10oz glove, since these offer a excellent support with enough protection to still facilitate the power behind the thrown punch.
The final pick for your Reebok Boxing Glove is the colour, ranging from black through to pink, obviously looking tasteful is nearly as imperative as the size & fit.
Headgear & boxing gloves are compulsory in Olympic boxing and amateur boxing.
The use of hand protection in combat contests undertaken for sport has been known since at least Ancient Greece. In the 2nd century, Clement of Alexandria accredited the mythological Amycus, son of Poseidon and King of the Bebryces in Anatolia, with having invented boxing gloves. Though, both the gloves and the sport itself was very different from modern boxing. In Ancient Greece, it was common practice to tie strips of leather round the hands for defense. In Roman time, this developed into the gladiatorial cestus, by means of metal added to the gloves to inflict greater damage. The use of the cestus was banned c. 50 BC, and ‘boxing’ was banned under Arcadius in 393 AD.
Boxing experienced a revival in Britain around the 17th century. Loads of bouts were being fought with bare knuckles and using no standard rules until the London Prize Ring rules, though sometimes gloves used to be worn. Gloves were mandated by the Marquess of Queensberry rules which were published in 1867. Subsequently, the popularity of bare knuckle fights has waned, and they are now of dubious legality in several countries.