How To Be A Good House Sitter

Nomad. Yes, that’s what we can call house sitters, although you may have a permanent address. House sitting, will it work for you? Here are some tips on how to be the best house sitter: You should be impeccably trustworthy. Why? For obvious reasons of course, homeowners will have to entrust their homes and other properties to you. When posting notices on local bulletin boards make sure that you have a reputable record, this can be verified through your friends and families you have worked for. The information was given by a lawyer Auckland who’s helping people with auto insurance. He also has much to offer in terms of kitchen design and house sitting.

Once you receive a call about a house set up an appointment to meet the owner of the house. During the meeting you can learn about their pets and layout of the house. Make sure to take down notes for noticeable damages and other important details such as the electric meter, gas meter and etc. By doing this you can show the house owners how responsible you are and you are really serious in looking after their house.

Like animals! If you’re getting involved in house sitting you should learn how to appreciate animals, if you are not already an animal lover. Majority of people will have pets for you to care for. Some animals require intensive care while others need to be let out every once in a while. Make sure to ask the owner about the pets routines and that includes feeding and bathing. Make sure to find out specific and important details like where to find the mop, cleaning supplies, gardening equipment and such. Ask your sleeping arrangements, some homeowner let you choose to sleep in any one room or in the couch.

When moving in you shouldn’t have too many personal belongings because they tend to get left behind and inevitably annoy people. Few changes of clothes and a book or two will suffice. You will need more or less food depending on how long you will be staying.

Settle in ONE room. Do not try to spread too much because it will only get harder when you leave. Try to contain your belongings to the bedroom and kitchen as much as possible, so that when you leave you wont rummage through the whole house.

Enjoy your stay. The most important and basic rules in house sitting are to not trash your client’s house. Clean up immediately. If you follow these house sitting tips, you may as well be called one of the best house sitters ever.