Handheld Steam Cleaners That Are Worth A Second Look

What do you think of when you hear the phrase – ‘steam cleaner’? If you are like most people you immediately thought of a large machine that makes a lot of noise but does a great job of cleaning your house. But what if someone gave you a smaller version of this appliance? Would you think we’re nuts if we told you that hand held steam cleaners can be pretty useful and are definitely worth a second look? Since you are paying attention, lets try to figure out if a handheld steam cleaner will work for you.

Hand held steam cleaning devices have some significant advantages. These are:


This one is fairly obvious. Haulin around a bigger machine in a large house can be very physically draining. Can you imagine hauling these big machines up and down a flight of stairs and then having to look for a power outlet. It is easier to use a hand held version of a similar cleaning device. Charge it once and you will be able to clean your entire house without having to plug it in again.

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Cleaning efficiency

The smaller versions are understandably not as a powerful as the full-size models. But, these mini versions do a decent job. Another important thing to keep in mind is that they produce steam for 15 minutes at a time. It heats up water faster than the larger models too. Find a good brand and look at the specs to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Affordable price

These handheld steam cleaners are a lot cheaper than the bigger models. The bigger models are more ideal industrial strength cleaners for more frequent use in spaces like office buildings. They are ideal for areas that get a lot of foot traffic. In most houses, there are areas that need a steam cleaning while others that just need regular vacuuming.

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Available accessories

Just because these are smaller models it does not mean that they don’t have their own set of accessories. You have quite a few attachments available for these too. There are options for carpet cleaning, laminated floors and much more.

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You might be more interested in looking at hand held steam cleaners now, so lets look into how we can go about looking for great deals. You are obviously a smart shopper as you are starting your search online. We suggest price comparison engines like pricegrabber.com, Google product search, bizrate.com etc. to get an idea of the price range. After that check out amazon.com and consumer reports for user reviews. Consider both the bad and the good reviews.