Cruising Town In Style With Powerwing DLX

powerwing scooter

A totally rippin’ side-to-side ride in a DELUXE SIZE! The three-wheeler is all grown up and ready to jump! The total craziest from Razor, the Powerwing DLX is a new brand of radical new way to ride. Just easily get your body move side to side– this fantastic three-wheeled design will take you going and keeps you moving! To become an Expert in sideways drifting and 360 spins is quite simple and fun, so let’s jump for some super freaky freestyle fun!

Use Powerwing to cruise through town with style. Razor Powerwing comes as a sleek and stylish trick scooter that powers itself. The DLX PowerWing has been designed with a pair of rear caster wheels on a double-wing platform, along with a 125 mm front wheel with a patent-pending brake system.The solid contruction of Powerwing but still flexible ease users to move easily but in safety way.

The rear caster wheels are what make the PowerWing tick, propelling the scooter with a simple twist of the feet. Thanks to the Funky design, it’s easy to move the PowerWing around tight corners or perform kick-outs, side drifts, spin-outs, and other tricks.

For running this powerwing, just move your body side to side. Powerwing has a pair of rear caster wheels to ease users to move with a twist of feet. Having unique three-wheel design gives stability and makes learning to ride easy and fun.
You will be delighted with the maneuverability of the PowerWing, while your friends will be astounded at its virtually unlimited trick potential. Other details include a sturdy steel frame, loop-out stoppers for better control.

This Powerwing will become a nice gift kids ages 5 and older and will support for 143 pound maximum weight limit. A safety helmet is suggester while riding to guarantee safety for users. See it for yourself and enjoy your stylish ride now!