Christmas Decor With Wine Products

Decorating for the holiday season has always been one of my favorite moments. It reminds me of being a child and taking an adventure into the attic with my mother to find the boxes labeled “X-MAS”. We would pull them down and search to find her favorite decorations.  Now that I am older, I want to make sure I have ornaments and decoations I love and enjoy. Wine ornaments and wine themed decorations are unique ways to bring your own touch into the home during this Christmas season. Wine Charms, cocktail ornaments, and wine bottle holders can help you spread holiday cheer around your home.

A fun and distinctive way to decorate for the holidays is to use wine charms as ornaments on the tree. This is a nontraditional approach to decorating and the wine charms can serve a dual purpose. Charms with metal loops or string work the best as ornaments. The loop that goes around the wine bottle acts as a hook to hang off a branch. When hosting a holiday party or gathering, remove the decorations from the tree to hang it around a bottle of wine or liquor that is being served. Maximize the holdiay budget and introduce more Holiday spirit into your home. An assortment of designs are avialale when looking for wine charms. Classic holdiay styes like candy canes and ornament balls are one type of bottle charm to look for. Or go for the sexy and sassy charms like Christmas Queen, Shake It Up or When does Santa start his Naughty List? There are also Christmas wine charms available for your wine glass. These come in handy when drinking from any stemware with friends and family. The purpose of the charms is to keep guests from switching wine glasses throughout the night. Wine charms are avialable in sets of six or more and each charm is different.

A great way to incorporate traditional ornaments into your holiday collection, look for Chrstimas wine ornaments. Wine christmas ornaments can add a new feel to the home during the holdiays. You can find vintage style wine barrels with Santa Claus bursting from the top with glasses of wine or wine barrels with banners that have phrases comparing friends and wine; Better with age, vintage friends, good food good wine good friends. Look for Italian wine themed products. Ornaments include Tuscan arches, vineyard scenes and Chianti bottles. Other great items like Grape clusters that light up, wine bottles, wine loving Santa ornaments will have you wanting to ditch all of your old Christmas ornaments and create a wine themed Christmas.

A great way to extend a wine themed Christmas throughout the home is with the use of a christmas wine holder . These provide you a way of displaying the bottle of wine coworkers or a family friend give to you. Wine bottle holders come in two main styles: whimsical and traditional. For a whimsical wine holder, look for something humorous like the Drunken Reindeer wine bottle holder. This wine holder and stopper set consist of a reindeer lying on its back drinking from a bottle of wine. In fact he isn’t just drinking, he is chugging and the effects are beginning to show with mismatched socks and the reindeer’s inability to get off his back. Another whimsical, yet still traditional item is Santa’s sleigh bottle holder. As adults, we dream of bottles of wine instead of stuffed animals and dolls to reward us for being on our best behavior.

Celebrate the holdiays with wine and wine related holiday decorations. They say that without family alcohol wouldn’t be necessary, so prepare to keep family civil with wine accessories and plenty of drinks! These wine accessories will make any gathering more enjoyable.