5 Easy Steps In Repotting Orchids

Repotting is one of the essentials in order to keep the life span of your orchids longer. Looks like easy to do but requires a lot of dedication to carry out this activity in an excellent manner possible. Repotting orchids is basically of great importance to allow roots to grow and propagate well.   Follow on simple, effective steps cited below for repotting indoor orchids:

•      Be clean and avoid getting messed up when repotting orchids.   Sterile utensils or blades are ideal for transferring orchid media. Wipe with clean cloth and diluted bleach or alcohol on both sides to prevent harmful bacteria, fungi and other organisms that can cause damage to the plant later on.

•      Unstable plants cannot be repotted anytime.   Gently removed the plant from its pot and transfer it slowly until it gets sturdy in its new pot.

•      Bigger and wider pots can accommodate more of the orchid media.   Neither too small nor too big pots bring positive effects on its roots because it can destroy the roots. {Roots will then rot in the process. Root decay can happen anytime so be reminded on this.}

•    In the case, you see signs of rotting; remove right away portions of rot by cutting off carefully the rotten portion before spreading the decay to the rest of the root part.

•      Timing is of the essence when repotting orchids.   Once ready to repot orchids and all affected root portions have been removed, you are now able to transfer orchid media into its new orchid pot.

Repotting orchids is just another way of caring for your orchids but you can still do more like propagation. This is just almost the same as repotting but done in a very selective and careful ways. It’s as easy as A-B-C focusing more on proper preparation of the growing medium plus root preparation when transferring to new pot.   There are still more to learn about like potting mixes, pot sizes and containers, plant stability and right timing.

  Plan ahead when to repot and propagate. It is not advisable to repot two years to increase flower production and lengthen life span of your orchids.   When more roots started to grow on its side then it’s best to repot on a hot summer day. Repotting orchids will allow the plants to grow healthier and propagate more. Indeed a remarkable activity to accomplish.