What Yeast Infection Cure Is Right For You?

As you can imagine its not the most popular subject when someone talks about yeast infections. The one that usually comes to mind is vaginitis but there are others. Any part of the body, which is moist and warm, can grow yeast, so other parts of the body can be infected. It can attack your mouth, skin, esophagus and the digestive tract. When should you get a yeast infection cure?

Different Types of Yeast Infection

If we were to look at vaginitis for example, this will cause a vaginal inflammation along with irritation, discharge and itching. The affected areas are the vagina and the vulva. This condition is very common among women, which may recur. However, a physician should be consulted if this is a chronic infection.

Oral thrush is an infection, caused by the growth of yeast that can affect your mouth. On the lining of your mouth you have lesions that are on your tongue or inner cheeks. If this problem progresses it could also affect the roof of the mouth, gums, tonsils, and your throat. Those who are generally affected by this problem are babies, people wearing dentures, using corticosteroid inhalers or whose immune system is weak.

Males can also contract this infection by having unprotected sex with a female partner who has vaginitis. This is not a common problem but it is one that can certainly occur. Experiencing itching, burning and a rash at the tip of your penis is a symptom that you probably are infected. Antifungal medication, which is available at your local pharmacy, can remedy this problem rather easily.

Another condition that you can contract is an infection of the skin named cutaneous candidiasis. This fungus will cause diaper rash since it can grow in a moist, warm area. As well as babies, those who suffer from diabetes or who are obese are under most threat to the condition. Candida can also affect the corners of the mouth as well as your nails. Keep the areas as dry and as clean as possible in order to gain relief. Then a course of antifungal medication may be needed.

Yeast Infection Treatment

If you can prevent the fungus growing in the vulnerable areas then you can prevent the infection. Depending on the cause, the condition of your health and your age there are ways to prevent the continued growth of the yeast. The yeast is called Candida albicans and unfortunately it is becoming resistant to medications used today.

To deter candida growth you must maintain a healthy body and be attentive to hygiene. You must keep these areas extremely clean and dry. For people that are prone to the infection there are some powders available that will keep areas dry, this will deter the infection and keep it away.