What Are The Available Surgery For Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are among the usual medical predicaments these days. It can affect different people of different ages from different walks of life. Statistics show that there are almost 75 million sufferers of hemorrhoids in America. There are many efficient ways you can do so as to prevent development of hemorrhoid. For people who have been enduring such disorder for a long time, surgery for hemorrhoids can be best used.

As much as possible, you would not want to go through surgery for hemorrhoids. I myself prefer not to as well. Yet, the moment time comes that this condition is giving you a lot of hassles I believe it’s time that you go through such procedure.

As I start talking about some surgical procedures, I want you to know first the basic facts about hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids is basically a medical disorder in which the veins of the rectal lining swell and enlarge. These swollen veins form into small sacs or lumps around the anus. It has two kinds, the interior and exterior hemroids.

Researches show that hemroids can be transmitted from one generation to another. This is a hereditary disorder. Chances for you to develop hemroids are increased especially if your parents had experienced from same problems before. Hemorrhoids are also more common in men than women and increase its preponderance as the group ages.

Each has different contributing factors for hemroids. Gestation, bowel irregularities and undiagnosed medical problems are among the common triggers. This could also be as a consequence of insufficient consumption of fiber. It is important to avoid these causes so as to stop additional pile formation.

First is coagulation procedure. Most operative procedures make use of such method. The procedure mainly uses electric current and infrared light. Need not to worry as you will not be electrified. There is what they call “safety” patch attached on to the patient to avoid burns.

Next would be laser surgery for hemorrhoids. This procedure is regarded as one of the most reliable and efficient procedures that can best provide long term relief. Skillful surgeons are the only ones allowed to do such procedure as it is not an easy thing to do. They utilize light beams. As compared to other procedures, the recovery period is also quicker.

Lastly is the Hemorrhoidectomy. For people who have exterior or internal hemorrhoids, this is the best procedure to be performed. As compared to laser surgery, the healing phase of this procedure is longer. Nonetheless, it is more affordable than other surgical operations for hemorrhoids.

Individuals who had experienced rectal procedures are advised to have sitz bath to lessen the pain. The buttocks are immersed into warm water for 15 to 20 minutes until alleviation is felt.

Physicians would also advise these patients to have stool softeners. This is to avoid pain and discomfort the moment a hard stool passes by since the wound is still fresh.

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