Ways To Get Over The Perfect Man – Baby Boomer Dating

You’d think by now I’d know “there are NO perfect men,” but, my friend, I’m still falling for those same old lines too. The only difference between BACK THEN and NOW is, I’ve learned the PERFECT ways to get over the Perfect Man. So, baby boomers, if you’re drooling in your beer and wishing you had the PERFECT cure, keep reading.

One of the best ways to meet the challenge of retirement planning is to get an entirely automated online home business model, that does not nick all of your spare time, and has the company doing all the leg work for you.

Depending on the pension plan from your former employer, salting away any additional revenue in a federally insured private savings account is a great investment strategy for retirement planning. But for the Baby Boomer generation, however the plan has changed and earning additional revenue has to be included in the retirement planning for many.

Countrywide, according to the most recent information, private savings have dropped from about ten percent of disposable revenue in 1980 to -1% in 2006 and lately it is getting even worse. Put simply, families spend more cash than they make.

Having a home based online business is one of the finest methods to make extra income and use the various tax savings available. Unfortunately, many of us have to attempt to make up for lost time in savings because most of the Baby Boomers have only a tiny portion of savings that would be required for a comfortable living. This strategy is becoming an integral part of retirement planning and will serve to secure financial comfort in your golden years.

Read Cinderella. Now, there’s a perfect man – he was probably drawn by a woman. Understand that fairy-tale romance is just that and there’s probably NO other explanation for it, it’s a fairy-tale, doesn’t happen in real life.

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