The Untold Truth About Stretch Marks Treatments That No One Wants You To Know

Stretch mark creams containing copper peptides stimulate skin renewal by encouraging capillary formation and boosting the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan; they also eliminate dead skin cells and promote the renewal of collagen.

The manifestation of stretch marks have been attributed to hormonal or endocrine causes such as depression, unhappiness, negative emotions, puberty, vitamin and nutrition deficiencies, physical and environment changes and insufficient collagen and elastin in the skin. The only little cloud on the horizon is that items of clothing like cellulite shorts can offer some hopes of improving the look.

Body building exercises tend to result in stretch marks because of the strain put on the skin tissues in the course of lifting weights; weight lifters can patronize stretch mark creams to make their stretch marks appear indiscernible.  Which makes a big contrast to later in the evening when they are at the karaoke bar, drinking a beer and singing away to a piano play along!

It is advisable for you to desist from taking any vitamin A supplements if you are making use of anti- stretch mark creams such as tretinoin or Retin A.

You will not be helping your stretch marks if you constantly dehydrate your skin by basking in the sun so, ensure that if you do have to be in the sun, you wear a good sun tan lotion which contains an spf to protect your skin.

Usually, the colors of stretch marks vary from red to white, or from purple to pink depending on the skin colour of the person it appears on.

The temperature of the water you use to take your bath counts if you are looking to get rid of your stretch marks as very hot water opens up your pores and dries out your skin whereas very cold water clogs up your skin so, simply take your bath with warm water to strike a balance and promote a stretch mark free skin.  And continue to look after yourself well with affordable life insurance and some scented bubble bath!

Stretch marks are an occurrence that make a lot of people feel uncomfortable in their own on the skin…literally