The Cariboo Classic Bassinet Is Cozy, Secure And The Perfect Compliment To Any Master Bedroom

Whether you are a new or experienced parent, bringing a new baby home requires the proper preparation. Baby products, and where to find them can be all too confusing.No matter how much plan, preparing for your baby’s arrival can be a daunting task.

A place to sleep is going to be one of the top needs of your baby.  Quite often parents feel more comfortable having their newborn sleep close to them.When preparing for your newborn’s arrival at home, the Cariboo Classic Bassinet is the perfect place to start.If complimenting master bedroom furniture is what is desired, the elegant Cariboo Classic Bassinet is the perfect choice. The infinite shape and soft fabric bassinet create a stylish and comfortable resting place for your infant.

One satisfied customer remarked, “I’ve been trying to go green so I decided to investigate environmentally friendly bassinets.I am thrilled by the fact that the Cariboo Classic Baby Cradle can be placed anywhere in my home due to its simplicity and modern style.  The fact that its made from sustainable wood and non-toxic materials, is exactly what I was looking for!”

The Cariboo Classic Bassinet for Your Baby showcases elegant design with practical features. The Cariboo Classic Bassinet for Your Baby is constructed of sustainable Radiata wood and designed in New Zealand. All materials are PBDE free, non-toxic and in addition the stain is lead free.  Also, the bassinet fabric zips off and is machine washable for easy care and cleaning.  

Need a classy bassinet to match your bedroom furniture? The Cariboo Classic Bassinet for Your Baby is the perfect choice as it blends easily with the most stylish home decor. This piece will be a standout in any nursery.The Cariboo Classic Basinnet fits most any master bedroom with overall dimensions as follows; 31.5 inches high by 27.5 inches deep by 33.5 inches long.  The total weight of the basinnet is 22 pounds.