Redecorating Your Kitchen On A Budget

As with most styles and fashions kitchen decor also has a certain life span since inevitably tastes and trends will change every few years.  Trying to keep up with these trends isn’t exactly cost effective as a standard kitchen makeover can cost around £10,000.Whilst there is no straightforward way of giving your kitchen a facelift without spending a large amount of money you can give your kitchen an update by spending a far more reasonable amount of money.  If you decide that improving just a few aspects of your kitchen will be just as beneficial as giving it a complete overhaul then you will be surprised at home much of an improvement you can make for a comparatively small amount of money.It may seem difficult to know just where to start with such a task so here are a few pointers.

You should start by taking the colour of your walls into consideration.A paint colour that was in fashion a few years ago is most likely to have fallen out of fashion now.  After a few years of enduring daily family life there is a good chance that the walls will have taken a few bumps over the years.  You might be used to the marks and scrapes on the walls, however you will be surprised at how dated and used they can make a kitchen feel.  It would be time well spent browsing a few recent kitchen catalogues or interior design magazines to see what sort of colours are currently in fashion then you can go about the business of giving your kitchen walls a fresh coat of paint.  Doing this is a relatively easy and very inexpensive way to update your kitchen.If your kitchen cabinets are made from a material that would suit a new coat of paint then you may wish to consider this too.

If you decide that your kitchen cabinets are that outdated that not even painting them will make an improvement then perhaps you might want to consider replacing them.  If your budget doesn’t extend this far then a creative alternative would be to replace the cabinet fittings.You can by new handles and pulls from most hardware and DIY shops and changing them is an extremely cheap way of giving all your cabinets a subtle facelift.

The next thing to consider is your kitchen lighting.Just as with the wall colours, the lighting too can go out of date.If your kitchen still has old style fluorescent lighting fixtures then it will definitely be showing it’s age.  Modern track lighting is easy and inexpensive to install.  Not only will it make your kitchen a brighter place to work, but it will also make it appear much more modern.  The addition of lighting fitted to the underside of the cabinets will make a big difference to the overall apperance of the kitchen.

Whilst you are replacing the cabinet fittings you may want to replace the kitchen tap with one of a more contemporary style.This will help to give your sink a much different look. 

Finally if your budget will allow it is definitely worth your while replacing the kitchen floor, especially if it is a worn out piece of lino.New floor tiles will give your kitchen a very modern look and will help to draw attention away from the more dated parts of your kitchen.

If your design budget is more generous then you may decide that you want to give your kitchen a complete overhaul.  This is a significant investment so it would help to know what you want your kitchen to look like before you go spending your hard earned money.  Luckily there is kitchen design software available that will help you to accurately plan out your kitchen.It will then accurately render an image of your kitchen plan so that you can see how it will look once it is finished!