Pride Legend 3-Wheel Scooter: The Fashionable Scooter That Comes With Performance And Durability

Can life be anymore different when riding a Pride Legend 3 wheel scooter? Precisely! Especially when you feel like moving around on a stylish scooter that was designed to be durable with great features. While other brands typically highlight only mileage and batteries, this mean three-wheeled scooter have complete features. Normally, people with disability would seek for scooters that are efficient. Efficient performance for a comfortable ride that enables handicapped people to enjoy life with ease. A scooter that would make life simpler in narrow hallways, cramped spaces or sharp corners around the house. Pride Legend 3 wheel scooter provides a safer ride even while making sharp turns in limited spaces which makes this scooter very popular.

Being attractive and elegant is just a basic feature of Pride Legend 3 Wheel Electric Scooter, it’s provides maximum efficiency too. The forward and reverse controls make it easy to use. Because of the recumbent seat, the user feels comfortable and at ease with less strain on the back. The rear view mirror allows the user to notice pace at the rear of the scooter which adds convenience in turning around. The scooter has installed dual-bulb headlights that can illuminate dark areas. The tiller-mounted turning signals makes this scooter safe even at night since other vehicles can easily detect the scooter on the street.

The superb performance even on rough road is brought by advanced rear suspension that smoothly course through grass,sand or gravel. The traction provided by the wheels enables the scooter to safely climb ramps that have as much as 12 degree inclines. In addition, the scooter can support a person weighing up to 350lb in a comfortable manner.

Pride Legend 3 wheel scooter is not your ordinary humdrum scooter since it has stylish looks, superb comfort, easy-to-operate and safe features that spells great performance. It is the scooter for all the needs of disabled people. Check out more mobility scooter reviews at Trusted Mobility Scooters.