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I have been buying modern work of art for a show in my gallery. I have discovered many nice pieces. I found a painting called Village in winter in a private collection in Illinois. The artist was Fern Isabel Coppedge and she was a U.S. citizen. I love to the piece because of the snowy scene. It really reminded me of my childhood.

While on a buying trip, I found Clouds Over Buckingham. This was a really nice modern oil painting that was in a private collection in Pennsylvania. I have seen work by this artist before and it always resells very well.

Buying modern canvas has taken me to various places across the US. I especially liked Main Line, Pennsylvania. That is where I acquired Leaning Silo. The artist of Leaning Silo was Arthur Meltzer. I had been previously unfamiliar with him.

I enjoyed my trip to Long Island City. I was buying modern paintings and discovered one from a French artist named Georges Antoine Rochegrosse that I really liked. This painting was painted around 1900 and it was full of flowers. I really liked it and think it will do well in the show.

I see that I can purchase modern oil paintings very efficiently online. I found an art trader in the UK that finds me some pleasant items to show. Recently, he sent me a painting of a nude beauty by British artist Allan Douglas Davidson.

The modern oil painting depicted an adolescent Bohemian woman wearing only flowers in her hair. She also has large gold earrings. She is posed against a dark background which highlights the perfection of her creamy skin.

The still life I recently acquired was so amazingly real looking. This was about the most stunning modern murals that I’ve discovered. The detail was exceptional and the image of the blooming rose was breathtaking.

I was so lucky when I discovered a unique Max Ernst modern oil painting. The title of the piece I found was Arizona Desert. I really think it will do well in my show and I didn’t even pay half of what I think it is genuinely worth. It will make a great addition to someone’s collection.

I found a modern oil painting by the Spanish artist Grifoll that I liked. I’m uncertain how well this painting of a clown will sell, but I loved it and I believe that there is certain to be a person who just can’t live without it.

I just adore paintings that depict Paris. I don’t even care about the period or the style. I was able to discover a really nice modern oil painting by Edouard Cortes for my show. The painting depicts flower vendors and a horse carriage. I virtually feel like I’m in turn of the century Paris when I examine it for quite a while.

There are a lot of modern work of art that depict roses. I plan to possess a grouping of several at my show. I was able to buy a painting by Theresa Bernstein called Roses that she painted in the 1940s. She lived to be 111 years old and that is pretty amazing.

A favorite style among modern images is nautical. I really do not like nautical paintings and do not want them in my show. I have had several friends implore me to change my mind. I keep being told that I can’t possibly have a show of modern murals that doesn’t incorporate a ship.

I had an assistant involved a modern oil painting that had an interesting history. It was more owing to the history of the painting that I chose to hang it than because of its content. The ship scene was really not to my liking, but I bought it anyway.

I have been searching for an antique street scene painted by Bettylane Resnik. I saw a modern oil painting by her in an art catalog that depicted a really colorful street scene. I can’t seem to find the current owner, but I’m trying. I believe that it would complete my show.

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