Managing Severe Pain At End Of Life – On Death And Dying

Caregivers of dying patients are often called upon to administer opioid medications to their loved one who is in their final months of life. Opioid medications are used because they are very effective in controlling pain. Some familiar brand names of opioid medications are: Morphine, Dilaudid, Percocet, Vicodin and Duragesic patch. Giving these medications can be anxiety producing for nonmedical people. Giving them improperly can cause pain to escalate and suffering to increase. Each of us has unfounded fears that can contribute to giving medications incorrectly. The good news is that there are simple and easy to understand basic principles that can reduce your anxiety about giving the medications and help you to give the medications correctly.

Dust to dust, a natural event sometimes slowed by human intervention, is first described in the Bible. That conversion may occur almost instantly with cremation. Society’s fast-food mentality is not the reason pet cremation becomes a viable choice. There are two good reasons to utilize a crematorium, first, land conservation, and second, honoring the sacred.

Pet cemeteries are land consuming undertakings. Some that exist are extravagant parks requiring local taxes for maintenance. There is nothing wrong with these memorializing lands and its upkeep but how many more should occupy the precious territory needed to preserve life.

Life, being sacred, is celebrated in death, a reminder of impermanence. Honoring the life of a pet can easily occur with a dignified service that allows one’s feelings to vent in a proper place and time. Pet cremation can be the event where and when this occurs. At the end of the service, the ashes of the loved one are preserved in a pet crematory urn. It can either be buried or put in a place the owner deems appropriate.

Pet funeral services may not be common knowledge with the elder population. It is becoming more widespread with society in general. Dealing with death after the fact is not the best time to make funeral arrangements, regardless what they are. These times are especially hard on the elderly because, as stated before, they experience the throes of loss more frequently. Each loss creates a pang of sorrow that underscores a wave of depression. Depression can lead to isolation which, after six months, may become clinical depression requiring medication.

Pets add years to one’s life. The sorrow caused by their death can shorten it. This is very true for those challenged every day with some form of loss in their life. Coping mechanisms are necessary implements to stave off clinical depression. Owning a pet is a wonderful reason to love and qualifies as a coping strategy. Planning for the pet’s inevitable death is astute and insightful. A plan that includes a venue for grieving and dignifying the pet’s passing promotes acceptance and sound health.

Once acceptance occurs over a period of time, getting another pet is a good idea. The new pet would not replace the old pet but would fill the void in the owner’s life created by the old pet’s absence. Establishing a new routine and a unique rapport with the new animal is a healthy statement of change, a characteristic of life.

The old pet is never forgotten and, perhaps, memorialized on a mantle or shelf somewhere in a home. If cremation is the choice, a pet crematory urn can come in any form and color that compliments any environment. It can be obvious or disguised as a work of art. Many pet owner’s who own pet urns have pictures of the pet, engraved names, or epitaphs on the outside of the receptacles.

Life goes on with change complimenting loss. The frequency of either is accelerated in the elderly. Without good coping mechanisms, this natural process takes an unforgiving toll. Awareness and planning of inevitable events soften the devastation the death of a pet can have. Funeral services provide a time to mourn and dignify the animal’s life at the time of their death. Grief becomes acceptance, a vital stage for the elderly, so that depression does not become a clinical problem. Another pet at the proper time signifies change necessary in any lifespan

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