How To Plan An Elegant But Thrifty New Years Bash

It’s easy to be the hostess (or the host) with the most this New Years Eve and also be frugal. All you need are the following key strategies that can help you turn a small budget into impressive results:

Tip #1: Don’t pay for invitations

There is a huge selection of free holiday party invitations available for download from the Internet. All you have to do is find the message, size and look you prefer, paste the image into a Word document or other word processing program and run it through your printer. If the art was chosen wisely, the results will be spectacular.

Tip #2: Save big on decorations by making your own

Many types of holiday decorations can be made at home with just free vintage New Year cards available on the Internet. These can be printed, cut out and placed all over the house, including being used as napkin holders or menu cards. If you want a little fancier appearance, try applying some touches of glitter glue here and there to make the decorations stand out.

Tip #3: Serve food that makes an impression

When doing your party planning, look for holiday party recipes that are cost effective but look like they cost a fortune. A good example would be to serve dip in a bowl made of sourdough bread or purple cabbage, or filling puff pastry cups with pre-packaged cheese spread mixed with imitation crab and Tabasco sauce or any other filling of your choice.

Tip #4: Make sure there’s music

Holiday music relaxes people and also sets the party’s mood. Holiday CDs will work, of course, but live music is much more, well, lively. And live music doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. If you don’t know of musicians who will work free just to get the exposure, try inquiring at the local college’s music department. There may be musicians who will work just for the experience and some free food.

There are undoubtedly other strategies you can come up with to stretch your holiday entertaining budget. Just be sure to keep your guests’ ultimate experience in the forefront and don’t let inexpensive become downright cheap. If you stay focused on being classy, your guests won’t know that your New Year’s Eve party was produced on a small budget.