How To Be A Villainous Pirate In A Captain Hook Costume

If you fancy dressing up as a pirate for Halloween or indeed any fancy dress event, then why not go for the most villainous and feared pirate of them all, Captain James Hook. Captain Hook is, and will always remain, the arch-enemy of our favourite fictional little boy who never grows up, Peter Pan. In a Captain Hook Costume you can brandish your hook and frighten off your friends and neighbours.

Captain Hook was the feared captain of the Jolly Roger which was harboured in Neverland. He was Lord of the pirate village there. His main characteristic which everyone remembers him for is his hook which replaced one of his hands. Maybe you know how he came to lose his hand? The story goes that Peter Pan cut off his hand and fed it to a crocodile. The crocodile really enjoyed that hand – so much so that he then followed Captain Hook around. The crocodile couldn’t wait to get hold of some more tasty flesh. Unfortunately for the crocodile, it had swallowed a clock which continued to tick: so the Captain always knew when the crocodile was near.

In the book, Captain Hook takes Wendy prisoner and then challenges Peter Pan to a duel. Captain Hook was beaten by Peter Pan who then threw him overboard to the crocodile who was eagerly waiting. Thus ended the evil reign of Hook or did it? Actually, the readers of Barrie’s novel really loved the character of Captain Hook and so he resurrected him in the sequels.

It’s not enough just to dress up as Captain Hook. You must take on his character and play the villainous role. In J M Barrie’s novel, “Peter and Wendy”, he described Hook as having long dark curly hair that looked from a distance like black candles and blue eyes. He had a somewhat handsome and elegant look to him and wore a large feathered hat, a red, black or blue coat and knee breeches.

So, if you want to be a villainous pirate like Captain Hook then you have to look and act the part. To get an authentic Hook look then you should wear a coat or long coat, pantaloons or trousers tucked into boots, a frilly cravat and feathered hat. Of course, you simply must have a hook over one of your hands and preferably a long black and curly wig. You should practice the Hook swagger and some sword play. Captain Hook was not life most poor and illiterate pirates. He was eloquent and spoke very well.

There are some pretty amazing costumes around for both kids and adults so make sure you take a look at our Captain Hook Costume page to see the range available. Of course, there are many other Peter Pan costumes which you could choose from.