How Does A Saliva Ovulation Test Kit Work?

The process of conceiving a child is quite direct to the point. However the results of one’s actions haven’t always been able to give you the desired results you’re looking for. Attempting to figure out on your own when you’re your most fertile, enough to get pregnant on your menstruating cycle can be challenging at best and impossible at worst.

The times are gone when all you could do was figure this out by yourself though, as numerous manufacturers offer you fertilization testing devices which keep track of different body fluids for levels of fertility. Some women choose a urinating test stick procedure while some monitor their cervical fluids with sensing devices. While these tactics may have a high accuracy rate in predicting levels of fertility so can a saliva ovulation monitoring system.

Knowing that your level of fertility reaches its highest peak by using a saliva-based test, conception becomes much simpler. Saliva ovulation predictor tests have been around for a long time. Their rate of accuracy is over 95% providing you with an elevated chance of conception. A number of saliva-based systems are designed with a tiny portable computerized device and a sensor. Others, such as a saliva-based ovulation microscope is a small lipstick tube-like device that is very simple in design but has a very high accuracy rate in determining when you are about ovulate.

Month after month during your menstruating cycle your estrogen levels increase. At the beginning of your cycle your estrogen is very low, and testing your saliva indicates that. Moving towards ovulation in your menstruating cycle your level of estrogen begins to rise in small incremental quantities, and is visible or detected in the concentrated levels in your saliva. Saliva ovulation monitoring kits work by collecting saliva and either analyzing it or viewing it to see the increased levels.

The computerized systems of saliva ovulation monitoring tests gathers the information, process it and show the results on the display, predicting that you are either not fertile, fertile or ovulating at this time. Saliva ovulation microscopes require simply that you place a small amount of your saliva on the glass end of the microscope, then give it five minutes to dry. Once the saliva as finally dried, place the microscope up to your eye and look for design patterns in the dried sample.

If you notice no distinguishable patterns in your dried saliva sample this implies that you’re at the beginning of your menstruation cycle and have a low level of fertility. Engaging in intercourse during this time frame will have the minimum likelihood of getting pregnant. If you see little somewhat leaf-like patterns starting to appear in the dried sample indicating that your levels of fertility are starting to increase. Having sexual intercourse during this time period offers you a high probability of conceiving.

Within 24 to 72 hours of starting you’re ovulating the concentrated estrogen levels inside your saliva have finally reached their highest level. Taking a saliva ovulation test using your microscope at this time will display a very distinguishable crystallized “ferning” design pattern. The estrogen indicator should actually look like tiny little fern leaves throughout your dried sample. This indicates you at the very highest peak fertility level and should have sexual intercourse at this time should you want to conceive.

Saliva ovulation monitoring devices are pretty straight forward, accurate and easy-to-understand. They do not require any additional monthly purchases of test sticks or sensor pads for continual use. Both the computerized saliva-based ovulation test monitoring kit and the less expensive saliva ovulation microscope are both easily portable for use anywhere throughout the day giving you and up to date result as to whether or not your fertility levels are high enough to conceive or not.