Have A Monkey Halloween

When we think about monkeys we often think about those cute and cheeky baboons, chimps and orang-utans. Whatever you think, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the number of great monkey costumes. You’ll probably want the cute monkey costumes for your toddlers. But adults and older kids might want some of the more scary monkey outfits for Halloween.

One great thing about monkey costumes is that you can be anonymous. No one will know who is inside the costume.

Personally, I think the flying monkey costume from the Wizard of Oz is one of the scariest of the monkey costumes. The flying monkeys were called winged monkeys in the original Wizard of Oz novel. They were evil but intelligent. The Wicked Witch of the West controlled them with her golden hat. Dorothy and her companions were set upon by the flying monkeys as they began their journey to the Emerald City. They even destroyed the tin man and the scarecrow, leaving them in tatters across the fields. In the original novel the monkeys can speak but in the 1939 film, they are silent. Because of their silence they seemed more malevolent in the film. I love the flying monkey costumes that you can get online. One has a really scary mask with sharp pointed teeth.

Then there’s another scary and terrifying monkey, King Kong. Even though he gives the appearance of being really bad, he in fact does have feelings for a human woman which makes the end of the King Kong movies quite heartbreaking. Running around in a ferocious looking gorilla suit at Halloween will definitely create a stir.

Another really scary looking gorilla costume is the Creature Reacher Mad Ape. The costume’s mask is snarling and really angry looking. It’s certainly an ugly looking brute – ideal for Halloween!

The costume I love most for kids is the Ben 10 Spider Monkey costume. If you want an unusual monkey costume, this has to be it being a cross between a monkey costume and a spider costume. If you want some more ideas, drop by my monkey Halloween costume website.