Grasp Your Fitness Goals With Kettlebell Training

In the 1700’s, Russian military introduced Kettlebells used for strength training drills. From that moment on, kettlebells became an conventional training tool for those trying to build strength, stability, speed and endurance.

Although Russians have been using Kettlebells as long as they have been drinking vodka, the popularity of the Kettlebell has varied over time.  The Kettlebell was re-introduced into the leisure center in the 1950’s after declining out of fashion for quite some time, but it is back with a vengeance!

The Kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks like a basketball with a suitcase handle. They may have not always appeared fashionable but of late, Reebok have injected some exciting colours to make sure the product keeps moving with new fashion trends. Their new look is impressive, funky and fresh!

Kettlebells training also permits you to choose a resistance level to suit your individual fitness requirements. This type of training brings a entire host of healthiness benefits to any customer of any fitness level and engages your whole body by means of a wide assortment of effective movements – helping you boost your strength and muscle tone.

More and more trainers appreciate the value of kettlebells in gyms as an alternative to fixed resistance equipment and freeweights. 

“Kettlebells are really the best tool to improve power, flexibility and strength. Their versatility in health clubs is due to their space efficiency and variety.

“We can use one set of kettlebells with a client for a whole session and have a very thorough workout. Kettlebells give us the choice of exercises you cannot find in one piece of equipment.”

By using Kettlebells you are engaging in energetic and enhanced workout to get your metabolism moving and burn extra fat. Frequent intense training with a kettlebell will help you also improve strength, flexibility, co-ordination, stability power, speed and endurance.

Perfect for both men and women alike, if you are serious about attaining your peak fitness performance then the kettlebell is an ideal product for you.

We would like to propose a number of kettlebell products to help you get the ball moving with your training:

Studio Reebok Kettlebells – colourful, funky and fresh!

The Studio Reebok Kettlebells are supplied in colour-coded increments designed for effortless size identification. On sale in vibrant green, yellow, orange, blue and purple – the Reebok Professional Kettlebell range have been dipped in hard-wearing vinyl in order to add to their toughness.

Studio Reebok Kettlebell Rack

The simple way to store your Reebok Professional Kettlebells, the Studio Rack holds up to 10 Reebok Kettlebells in all sizes. Its space efficient two-tier design ensures the removal and replacement of the kettlebells much easier! The rack is available in either white or silver.

Escape Kettlebell – traditional, hard-wearing and used for an intense workout

As the industry leader in functional fitness, Escape has developed a range of Kettlebells for enhanced training.

Available in increments of 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 25kg, 28kg, 32kg in black or hammertone grey. Escape has also developed a Kettlebell package to help you develop your strength training even further.

Kettlebell circuit poster

Escape has designed a range of exclusive kettlebell training posters to aid you with your training! The poster indicates the essential exercises for the Escape Kettlebells to ensure they are being taught to the highest standard.

It is available in large to help you clearly see all the routines and produced on hard-wearing material to last even longer.

Kettlebell Training – the benefits are endless!

Start training today using our range of exclusive kettlebells to:

A.    Improve your wrist strength, tendon, stability and ligament strength.
B.    Burn fat efficiently
C.    Develop co-ordination and body direction
D.    Develop enhanced flexibility, strength and power