Girls Birthday Party Themes

Every mom who has daughters has learned that a girl’s birthday party is quite different than one given for a boy. Naturally, every girl is different (and we don’t want to be accused of stereotyping here), but generally little girls love pink and all things girly, and older girls like big-girl versions of the same things.

The majority of young girls love Disney or other well-known female cartoon characters, such as Barbie or Jasmine from Aladdin. But if your daughter is the type who thinks for herself, you can design a theme just for her. To do this, look for printable party invitations you find on the Web and develop the theme from there. That’s a really great place to begin, because the party’s invitation is the first connection your little girl’s party guests will have with the party. And there are a huge number of printable invitations available, so it’s a great way to find a theme.

As one example of how this will help with planning a theme, pink princess birthday party invtiations can provide a lot of inspiration for fun parties for young girls. Decorations and partyware for the princess theme is available almost anywhere, and there’s a plethora of free video lessons online for making creative and beautiful princess-theme cakes. The Amazon marketplace also has a large selection of tiaras, crowns, scepters and other favors, which will help flesh out the party theme. There are also plenty of other themes that can be implemented, too, besides “princess”. If you keep in mind what interests your little girl most and search accordingly, your research and creativity will take you the rest of the way.

For young ladies who are a little older, there are an unbelievable number of popular free girl party invitations you can use as inspiration for a party theme. Like with a princess party, you’ll find a lot of terrific resources on the Web. Once you’ve picked a theme, do a search for it in quotes on the Web and on YouTube. (For example, “1970s party theme.”) That should produce a long list of ideas from which to choose. YouTube alone has a wealth of ideas and tutorials for party favors and decorations you can make yourself, party cakes and even music. And an site search will show you virtually any product related to that theme. You don’t necessarily have to buy from Amazon, but you’re guaranteed to get plenty of ideas.

The bottom line is that beginning your research with the party invitations and working backward from there is an efficient way to plan a party. It will focus you on the party theme and make planning easier!