Egyptian Bath Towels- Entertain With Class

The type of guest towels that you present your visiting friends, family and colleagues says a lot about you, and how highly you regard them. Having fine quality Egyptian bathroom towels or hand towels laid out for them is one of those unconscious ways of saying ‘welcome.’

You shouldn’t give your guests any less than the best even if they won’t be staying for very long. Your best towels are one of the surest ways to show that you care. The best that you can offer plus a little personal, detailed attention will make guests feel that they truly are special.

The powder room is perhaps the first spot in your guest room that should have quality towels. Replace these regularly to show your focus on cleanliness. Add a few accents on the side like a pot of natural soaps and some flowers on a narrow vase to make your guest feel more at home.

A Bathroom for Visitors

You don’t have to spend a lot to make your guest’s bathroom stand out. You can easily do that by displaying a set of Egyptian bath towels. Make them as complete a set as possible with two large towels, a small hand towel and a washer. Put these beside other essentials like a bath soap and a bottle of shampoo.

Go a step further and have a matching soft basket containing a small tube of toothpaste, an unopened toothbrush, deodorant and a disposable shaver. Your guests will probably have their own, but many guests forget these everyday items at home. Again, it is just another touch to show how welcome they are.

Bedroom Beside the Bathroom

Add a touch of welcome to your guest rooms with a small vase of fresh flowers on a side table, and a hand towel for each guest at the end of the bed. If your guest room theme is old-world add a timber towel rack. Your luxurious Egyptian bath towels, color themed to your bed linen, will add a coziness that can’t be matched.

Luxurious Style

A great home doesn’t need to have expensive trappings. Guests will love even the simplest homes just as long as the right elements are present. Without a doubt, Egyptian bath towels are the right additions to your home. Your guests will love them because they are thick and absorbent. On top of that, they also come in a variety of rich colors.

Aside from the usual white and earth colors, Egyptian bathroom towels can also come in pastel and bold colors. Get those that fit your taste and your home’s theme. Regardless of your color choice though, Egyptian towels show without a doubt that you have great taste.