Dojo Sword


My friend Craig started doing karate tournaments 3 years ago. Following his lead I started taking some martial arts training with him. It was only two years before I become fantastic at fighting one on one battles. I decided that maybe it was time for me to start doing tournaments as well. It took me a few tournaments but eventually I got first place at the fourth annual karate tournament in Cleveland Ohio.


This tournament did not give out trophies to its winners. It decided to give out an item that is much more useful. I actually received a cool new medieval sword to display in my house. The sword is unsharpened and is obviously a replica rather than a real medieval sword, but it is great to look at. I’ve never been prouder of any trophy than I am of my medieval fighting sword.


I’m currently working on opening up my own dojo and now have something marvelous to display inside of it. My plan is to start building a display area to hold my various trophies and swords so that my new students will have something to look at and work for. This will be great motivation for them to practice harder and train later than their competitors. These swords will be displayed right up in the front so that all entrants can view them as they enter.


I’m currently trying to choose between a glass display case or a display shelf. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of popular display case.


Creating a display using shelves will not be hard to do and can be done with little time and cash. I can build these myself using some wood and some screws. Also they can quickly be moved around the room without the help of a friend.


A disadvantage to the shelf medieval sword display is that it can not easily be secured.


Buying a display case is great because I can secure the weapon and keep it out of reach but not out of site. This type of case will lower my chances of falling victim to a law suit.


The major drawback to this setup is that it will end up costing me a bit more money. I’m going to go over my options a few more times in my head and then make a decision.