Choosing A Rustic Lifestyle

A cabin in the woods.  A strong wooden table.  A fireplace crackling in the corner.  Trees outside your window.  That is what it is like to live a Rustic Lifestyle.

People who choose live the Rustic Life are those who want to escape from the city noise, buildings right on top of each other, and the endless streets of shops, stores and malls.  People who desire a Rustic Lifestyle are those who desire for the melodies of birds, wide open spaces and the quiet and privacy of having hundreds of feet between you and everybody else. 

There are distinct elements to the Rustic Lifestyle that differentiate it from other types of lifestyles.  The Rustic Lifestyle is more interested in function, performance and longevity than it is with frills and lace and trends.  Rustic Living is simply a lifestyle that admires items that perform well over a long period of time over items that are purchased based completely on looks.  But don’t misunderstand, this doesn’t mean that with rustic living you’ll never have a charming home – quite the contrary.

The thought that “function” can’t be charming to the eye, set a mood, or entertain is false.

Living a Rustic Life means a solid and sturdy wooden table in your dining room; the intricate grains of the wood making for just as delightful decor as any silk table cloth.  The Rustic Lifestyle means having chandeliers and sconces made of wrought iron; their strength is both bold and beautiful.  The Rustic Lifestyle means having decor and furniture that is both functional AND beautiful.

It isn’t a lifestyle for everyone, just as the big city life isn’t for everyone.  Many people desire the frills and the lace and the trendy seasonal items, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But what is wrong is the idea that functional can’t be beautiful. 

Rustic Living proves that function can be beautiful, and has just as much variety and style as any other living style.

From the hardwood floors to wrought iron chandeliers to Southwestern styled rugs to large, naturally stained tables – it is all Rustic Living.  And it is all beautiful.