Bratt Decor Venetian Crib Antique White – Pure Elegance For Those First Years

The spectacular Bratt Decor Venetian Crib Antique White is an elegant, very versatile and a classic beauty.. Venetian features ornate cast-iron quality and gorgeous hand-applied patinas. For a more dramatic look, just screw on the four posters included to produce a four-poster crib. To have a luxurious look, drape your favorite fabrics over the cross bars that are included and create a fabulous design in no time.

Baby will be safe and sound with style in the Bratt Decor Venetian Crib, built with the highest quality standards and the finest materials available. When only the finest for your baby is your standard, Venetian should be at the top of your list as the one to buy. Doesn’t your baby deserve that as well? Set up your baby’s room with a Bratt Decor Venetian today and invest in quality and confidence for many years ahead.

The Venetian is earth friendly as well! Bratt Decor’s commitment to our environment says that their wood supply is forested from over 1.7 million new trees specifically planted for harvest in the wood and paper industry. In addition, they help to advance sustainable forestry by the use of only engineered wood. You can trust that all of their paints and stains are absolutely non-toxic. Lastly, they lessen the number of waste items going to the landfills by providing convertible furniture parts in almost every design, which extends the life of your furniture as well.


– Easily accommodates standard crib mattresses up to six inches thick
– Available in other colors such as Slate Grey, Burnished Gold or Pewter Silver finishes.
– Detachable four poster and canopy cross bar hardware – Included!
– Hand-applied Antique White finish with powder coating
– Cast-iron and aluminum design looks fantastic always
– Standard, four-poster and canopy crib configurations for lots of possible designs

Safety is number one in every parent’s mind when purchasing a crib. When it comes to purchasing a crib, safety info is necessary. Bratt Decor takes safety seriously, with care taken at all times giving you the world’s safest cribs of the highest quality. The Venetian is a non-drop side crib also known as a stationary gate, promoting high safety standards. Federal regulations may soon require only this type to meet standards. The American Society for Testing and Materials – ASTM – as well as the Consumer Product Safety Commission – CPSC – do require strict standards that are met or exceed those in every Bratt Decor Crib, and they are tested at an independent facility. Bratt Decor also performs constant internal testing at their own facility to further be sure of total compliance with federal standards.

The obvious choice for parents that demand the best is the Bratt Decor Venetian Crib. You’ll have the finest stationary side rails with touch non toxic powder coateing, a hand applied patina finish and traditional wrought iron and aluminum construction. This crib, as with all Bratt Decor products, is the finest example of its kind available. Bratt Decor has built the absolute finest iron crib in the industry. Even a crib triple the cost of the Venetian cannot come close to it. Your baby’s room decor will look stunning, with the high quality and overall performance you must have for those precious first years.