Become Taller With Yoga Exercises

Exercises that stretches your bones, particularly the spine are very important to the idea of adding 2 to 3 inches to your present height; however, not many know that yoga stretching exercises are a great way to add considerably to your height, the bulk of the people who find it difficult to comprehend are those well above teenage years. Yoga stretching exercises if applied correctly and consistently boosts the growth in the bones and elongate the spine, causing you to add a few inches to your height.

Yoga generally helps to relax the body and mind, giving the practitioner an edge when it comes to handling stress and enhances their body movements greatly. It also helps increase the capacity of the muscles and the bones which results to a toned back or any other group of muscles. Yoga aims to keep a balance of the body and mind, most stretching techniques are in the first place, yoga related. The following body stretching exercises are unique to yoga and they have been proven to add to the general height of the body if followed correctly and over time.

1. Life Nerve Stretch: You have to be sited on the floor to make this exercise work; slowly pull your left leg into the outstretched right one, hold the ankle, keep the leg flat on the ground and breathe long and deep. For the next 2 minutes or so keep breathing in and out, then bounce the legs while massaging gently. Repeat the process with the right leg and the whole activity from scratch at least 25 times at a sitting.

2. Rock and Roll on the Spine: While sitting on the floor, bring your knees to your chest and grab with both arms, rock back and forth on the spine, then gently massage from neck to the base of the spine, relaxing it and circulating blood at the same time. 3. Side Bends: While holding both hands behind your back lock your fingers and sit in an easy pose fashion, then bend sideways only, rocking to and fro 25 times in 2 minutes. It can also be done while standing. This position helps stimulate the liver and colon thereby increasing spinal flexibility.

4. Pelvis Rotation: Sit in easy pose and place hands on the knees; while relaxing into the movement, deeply role the pelvis around in a grinding position. Do 26 rotations or 1-2 minutes in each direction. This exercise opens up the energy in the lower spine, massages the internal organs and aids in digestion.

All the exercises described above have the capacity to contribute to adding to your height; however, blending 2 or more of these exercises daily will go a long way in helping you achieve that height you have always dreamed of. Discouragement might set in along the way, but the ability to carry on with the yoga exercises is all it takes to see yourself adding a few inches to your height in just a couple of months.

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