An Introduction To The Relationship Between Sugar And Cholesterol

It is very normal for the concentration of blood sugar to actually rise after you have consumed a meal. This will normally rise for between one and two hours and during this time the muscle and cells will absorb the glucose and use it to produce energy. Once this process has taken place the levels will return to normal. Whilst this process is taking place a hormone known as insulin gets secreted by the pancreas and this helps with the process of absorption of the glucose. Insulin helps with the relationship between sugar and cholesterol.

Insulin helps with this glucose process because it helps with the binding of the receptors that are on the cells and this works in a similar way as a key in the door. These receptors will allow the blood sugar to enter into the cells. When the level of glucose stays high for a long period of time the blood sugar may become oxidised protein and this can lead to problems with the internal organs. The level of blood sugar staying high for an extended period of time can be an indication of some of the cells becoming immune to insulin.

Diabetes is caused by the cells in the body becoming immune to insulin and this lead to an increased amount being made. In some cases the increased amount of insulin actually makes no difference and this is when a person will be diagnosed with having diabetes. Diabetes is actually caused by the build up of glucose on the cell receptors within the body.

Despite all of the research that has been conducted it is still unclear what actually causes this problem. This condition is actually increasing across the whole world. In a large number of people who suffer from the condition known as diabetes are also overweight and a large number of people are actually classed as obese.

As people put on weight around their waist they tend to find that their blood sugar also increases. The fat that people put on around the tummy are is metabolically different to the other areas of fat that maybe on the body.

The fat that tends to settle around the waist area produces harmful substances and this can cause problems such as inflammation and clotting. This problem can also lead to diabetes and other health problems.

There is a vast number of different basic things which can lead to the problem of cholesterol and diabetes and these are actually closely linked. There is a lot of people that suffer from these condition that have to see their doctor on a regular basis as well as regular appointments with specialist staff.