A Debt Repayment Plan

It can be very worrying for a parent when they are informed that one of their children is in debt. They often want to find an instant solution but can be unsure of where to go to seek help. In this article I give advice on what in my opinion is the best way of helping this child, who of course is likely to be an adult themselves. I hope that the article can be of help and benefit to many people.

There are a number of solutions to different problems that we come across in life and the advice I give in this article may not be suitable in every debt situation but is the way I would deal with my own childs debt problem.

One of the first people to contact would be one of the national organisations which deal with debt such as the national debt line. The majority of parents are normally quite shocked and stunned when they find out the true extent of their childs debt – this can even border on being very angry and a feeling of being let down. There is no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed when you call these places as the advisers deal with debt problems each and every day – this is their job. They will have the required expertise and resources to aid you.

My advice would be to start the child on a debt management plan or to seek the help of a tax specialist Birmingham. I would advise people to contact the national debt line – partly because it is a free service. The beauty of this plan is that the interest from the debt is frozen and it is the interest that is normally what makes the debt become so large. The child then agrees an amount to pay each month, an amount that they have worked out that they can afford and then the debt slowly but surely starts to reduce. The amount that they have agreed to pay is normally far lower than the minimum monthly payment that they had been paying towards the debt which was likely to have only covered the interest anyway.

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