3 Ways To A Personal Trainer Income Increase

If you are reading this, then you probably want to increase your personal trainer income. It is known that a majority of fitness professionals want larger salaries.

The good news is it is definitely possible to increase your personal trainer salary if you make small changes to how you run your personal training business.

To help you get started I will be listing three proven strategies that can boost your personal trainer income.

1. Sign clients up with 3, 6, or 12 month agreements.

Would you like to quickly eliminate the lost income from cancellations, and travel? This is something you will probably be interested in. Signing clients to contracts will give you an instant raise, credibility, and security.

First off, stop billing on a session by session basis. Stop offering packages of personal fitness training sessions! Instead offer 3, 6, or even 12 month agreements. An agreement is a kind word for contract. However, I wouldn’t call it a contract in front of clients because nobody likes signing contracts. They much rather prefer signing an agreements.

After a new clients agrees to your 3, 6, or 12 month contract, then you are guaranteed personal training income for that specific duration. The client has made an investment in you as a personal fitness trainer for a specified duration. No longer are you required to sell new training packages after every 5, or 10 completed training sessions.

2. Get client on automatic debit every month as stated in your agreement.

Let’s face it, fitness pros hate asking for money. After all, trainers prefer teaching, and not selling.

Automatic debit is the most effective way to exchange money with clients. Doing so will take away the uncomfortable money topic.

This will help you, the fitness pro, in two distinct ways. Number one, it assures you get paid in full, and on time. Doing so will improve your accounts receivable base. This will help your personal trainer income. Secondly, you will save valuable time from having to collect money. Are you a fitness coach, or bill collector? It is much better to invest your time, and energy on training clients instead of collecting for your personal training salary.

3. Leverage your time by modeling top earning fitness business owners, and start creating additional profit centers.

If you want to increase your personal training income, then watch, and do what the top money earning fitness pros do. Smartly model what they are doing by following proven success traits.

Many trainers elevate their fitness income by creating additional profit centers such as developing information products, selling workout equipment, and even offering a nutritional food analysis service.

You can increase your fitness salary by altering the way you do things. Follow these 3 personal trainer income elevating tips to improve your salary. Doing so will propel you in the proper direction.