Yard Flags – A Great Way To Bring The Family Together

Many people talk about the problem of not doing enough things together as a family. It maybe just a little thing, but I see it as a potential great thing that can be done together as a family. And that is deciding together what decorative flags should be hung. You might be thinking, ok, well that took 2 seconds. Not necessarily. Sure maybe the actual final decision only took a few seconds, but it’s the process that’s important.

So how would this work. People fly their yard flags on many different occasions and/or holidays. So I’d suggest getting an outdoor flag calendar together. Then as a family figure out the occasions and holidays that you’d like to have the banner flag represent. Usually a weekly change is good. That is to say, the flag will be left flying for 1 week before a new one is changed out. That’s a goal to aim for because you would need 52 flags if your goal were to change it them every week. And of course, you don’t need a full 52 flags since most people don’t fly flags in the winter. But a good 30 flags or so would be needed for spring, summer and fall.

Another great thing about family time is responsibility. If you have several children, you can give them the responsibility to either change the outdoor flag themselves, if they are an old enough age to do it, or be the accountable child to tell one of the parents that the banner flag needs to be changed and help in the flag changing.

If you don’t have all of the flags that you need, then an additional family activity that could be done would be searching through catalogs or websites for additional decorative flags that the family could purchase. What holidays or occasions would you like to celebrate that you don’t have banner flags for and put together a wish list that the family would like to buy (that fits in the family budget).

Decorative flags can be a great family get together activity and one that can be a great way to have that needed family time.