The Matrix Movies Give Several Splendid Costumes

You can knock together a Matrix costume such as Neo or Morpheus yourself or if that’s too much fuss, you can easily purchase one. You have some wonderful choices from the movies: Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, Agent Smith or even the ghostly Albino Twins.

The three Matrix films lead us on a fantastic adventure. The premise of the movies is very philosophical but the application is sometimes incredible. The philosophical basis of the Matrix films is very profound. There is one particular book about this which is based upon the Indian Advaita Vedanta teachings. The everyday world that humans find themselves in turns out to be an illusion in the Matrix films. People are actually in an induced dream state and the world is nothing more than a controlled dream. Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta actually teach that this world is like a dream. In Buddhism there are the concepts of relative and ultimate truth. The Matrix could be likened to relative truth. But we need to wake up to the ultimate truth of reality.

Some of the philosophical ideas behind the Matrix are profound and possibly difficult to grasp but well worth thinking about. But whether you’re interested in the philosophy or not, the movies are great action movies and great entertainment. Keanu Reeves as Neo or The One is one of my favorite movie characters.

Keanu Reeves is Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer working for a normal company. But outside of his job, he is Neo a hacker programmer. However, he has a vague sense that something isn’t as it should be. When he meets Trinity and Morpheus he’s handed the opportunity to either remain in the world that he is familiar with or to discover what the Matrix truly is. Neo looks very cool in his black shades and long black trenchcoat. In this outfit you can practise dodging bullets! If you have a partner, she could dress as Trinity with a long black vinyl coat and black shades. Then, of course, there is the mysterious Morpheus with the obligatory long black coat and black sunglasses but you can add a pair of black pants and black dress shirt with a lime green tie. Do you prefer villainous characters? Then, how about Agent Smith? Or if there’s two of you, go as the Albino Twins.

If you want to read about the philosophy behind the Matrix, you could read “The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real (Popular Culture and Philosophy)” edited by William Irwin.

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