The Benefits Of A Walking Exercise Program

Losing a few pounds is a goal which is shared by a large number of people. Unfortunately it conjures up images of starving yourself on the latest fad diet or getting hot, sweaty and out of breath down at the gym. Pounding the pavement or doing laps of the track in the rain is another image. None of these options are especially appealing to the vast majority of people.

Losing weight – and gaining a whole host of additional health benefits – is achievable just by performing a simple form of exercise which most of us perform on a daily basis without even thinking about it. Walking is a low impact, low injury risk way to exercise which is a great solution for many people – at a variety of different fitness levels and across a wide age band. It’s perfect for anyone who recovering from an injury or illness and it’s a good method of losing weight post childbirth.

The thing about walking is that it’s a perfectly natural form of exercise. You don’t require any training, special equipment or expertise. Anybody can do it – whenever they feel like it and whenever it’s most convenient for them. It can be slotted into you daily schedule when it’s most convenient for you. No need to find time for a special trip to the gym – which will save you money on membership fees as well as time.

The important thing to obtaining all the health benefits and losing weight by walking is to take a consistent approach. Relatively low level exercise, consistently undertaken on a regular basis, is infinitely better than sporadic periods of high intensity exercise – and the risk of sprains, strains and other injuries is also very much lower. Walking for just half an hour daily will soon produce results – as long as it’s done on a regular basis.

If you can slowly work up to 10,000 steps a day on a regular basis, you will be surprised (pleasantly) at just how quickly you begin to feel the benefit and actually see the results. For the majority of people, 10,000 steps is roughly equivalent to a distance of 5 miles. That may sound like a long way – but it really is much easier to achieve than you may think.

Another big bonus with walking is the fact that there’s no need for any special equipment. All that you need to get started is a good, comfortable pair of shoes. It’s not strictly necessary, but you might consider getting yourself a pedometer to be a worthwhile idea. You can pick these up for less than $ 10 these days – even an Omron pedometer, which is the top brand on the market, can be found starting at a little over $ 10 – although the higher end models do cost a little more. They will help you to track and monitor your progress and will display results in terms of the number of steps taken, the number of calories burned or the distance covered. It might help you to stay motivated and encourage you to find other ways to make a walking workout part of your daily routine.

It’s also worth considering the latest developments in fitness footwear. Brands such as Skechers Shape Ups,Reebok Easy Tones and Fitflops are designed to increase the amount of work done by the lower body muscles whilst walking normally. This will help to increase the effectiveness of your walking to lose weight workout.