The Battle When Cramps And Pregnancy Begins!

Being pregnant could be described as being like having a 50% chance of being alive because it’s a great suffering and pain for mothers. Mothers experience a lot of biological, psychological and physiological changes for nine months and much worse at the time of delivery. It places a serious burden to the body since, while the offspring develops inside the tummy, many kinds of pains such as cramps and irritations are also experienced in the different organs. For one, it is a matter of understanding the nature of your cramps in pregnancy to identify which one is brought about specifically by your pregnancy and which one is likely to stay around for a much longer time.

In the span of an offspring’s development, the major cause that can be associated with cramps in early pregnancy is the expansion of the ligaments that encompasses and supports the uterus. The size of the uterus becomes bigger than the usual and this causes pressure on the ligaments around it. Along with the development of the foetus, the ligaments become bigger as well to accommodate the ever growing condition of the living being inside. Ligament cramps are usually felt on both sides of the stomach and back when the baby inside the womb reaches 14 to 29 weeks.

But, in cases where cramps are accompanied by profuse bleeding, this could mean something very serious because you might be at risk of having a miscarriage. Dealing with that kind of condition could be attributed to infections, radiation, inappropriate medications or hereditary factors.  If the bleeding goes together with a discharge, fever, dizziness and the like with severe cramping, this is cause for alarm and it becomes a must to see your physician in the soonest possible time.

To alleviate your condition during bouts of pregnancy cramping, try to relax as much as you can. Find your most comfortable zone and position and never do strenuous activities that put pressure on your body. Placing a hot water bottle or hot compress on the affected side would gradually eradicate the pain. Taking time for a hot shower or bath will also relax the body. Never attempt to move hastily because doing so might strain your muscles. And most of all, drink enough fluids to keep your system going.

Pregnancy cramping should be considered as something that you may need to endure as much as bodily changes are a concern to an expectant mother. It should be treated as a positive reaction of the body because such signs pave the way towards good results such as morning sickness would do.