The 3 Most Important Rules Of Scrapbooking

Just a while ago I was thinking about doing some scrapbooking. But just when I wanted to start, thinking about the process gave me the creeps.

I know it must sound strange to you, but everyone of my scrapbooking session went wrong back then. There was nothing I could have done about it. For example, at least one of my tools was always missing. Sometimes I ruin a cut just because I can’t properly lift the piece of the cutting map.

Have you had similar experiences with scrapbooking? Then my 3 golden rules will make your scrapbooking session much more fun. They literally changed they way I did scrapbooking and now I have fun every time I scrapbook.

Golden Rule 1: Keep Your Workplace Clean

The workplace was one of my main problems back then – I just never organized it in the right way. It was just a place where I used to store some of my tools, but there was no real intention involved.

Of course I never managed to find all my important tools when I needed them this way.

My suggesion: Tread your workplace like a well organized office. Have a place for everything. Have a place where you want to store your tools. Clean up every time you leave your workplace.

Golden Rule 2: Good Tools Make Great Projects

Have you ever ruined a project just because the quality of your tools wasn’t as high as you expected?. That’s just one example why good tools are mandatory. Probably the best of all Cricut tools is the Cricut cutting machine.

Golden Rule 3: Write Down Your Thoughts

You can’t grab them, but at the end of the day you want them neatly organized. Why? We have great ideas all the time but we forget them immediately if we don’t write them down as soon as we can.

Have a plan, maybe even a process to organize your ideas and thoughts so you never forget them and you will have a great time scrapbooking!