Symptoms Of Infertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive.It’s that state when a couple has been doing unprotected sex without bearing a child.Infertility may also mean the state of a woman who can’t carry a child in her womb for nine months. There are a lot of factors that causes infertility.You have to find out about the symptoms before you try to know what causes it.

Here are some common symptoms of infertility:

When you’re suffering from irregular menstrual cycle that is less than 24 days or more than 35 days. This may be a sign of ovulation problems.

Irregular bleeding.For instance if you’re bleeding too light or too heavy, then you should see your doctor.When you bleed from three to seven days it’s normal, but you have to undergo check-up if it goes beyond that.When you are always suffering menstrual cramps, this can be one of the symptoms of infertility.

Obesity could also be a problem as well as being an underweight.Eating habits, diet practices and what you’re eating as well as too little or too much exercise can cause it.

Fatal illnesses like cancer, diabetes and others.Getting the deficiency itself can make things worse with its strong medications.

The chance of being infertile is high if you are 35 years old and above.

Having a miscarriage is one symptom.Infertility doesn’t only include women who can’t conceive but also those who can’t carry the child the whole nine months.
If your partner has STD in the past.Any infection or inflammation may block the fallopian tubes and make it difficult to get pregnant.

Smoking and drinking to much alcohol can bring on infertility.Smoking can affect women’s fertility while drinking alcohol for both men and women can have adverse effect on their fertility.

Impotency and ejaculation concerns may result to infertility.Low sperm count can be diagnosed through sperm analysis and you have to go to a physician to find out if you suffer from it.