Roosevelt Dime

“Junk Silver” in the numismatic circle refers to worn circulated silver coins. For example, the US silver coins, minted earlier than 1965, are sometimes known as junk silver coins. These cash have at the very least forty% – 90% silver content, depending on what sort of coins. The images on my website present some circulated US Morgan Dollar, Peace dollar, Mercury Dimes, Walkers, Barbers dimes.

As guide, in case you are beginning to maintain these form of silver cash, look for those with 90% silver content. I’ve listed some examples right here –

Morgan (1878-1921) – 90-p.c silver, Peace (1921-1928 and 1934-1935) – 90-p.c silver, Liberty Head “Barber” (1892-1915) – 90-% silver, Walking Liberty (1916-1947) – ninety-% silver

Although the Mercury Dime is likely one of the hottest cash ever produced by the US Mint, most individuals cannot reply most, if any, of those questions. How many can you answer?

1. Why is Mercury on a United States coin?

2. Mercury had wings on his sandals, why are there wings on Mercury’s hat?

3. What’s that thing on the again of the coin?

4. What metal is the Mercury Dime fabricated from?

5. What years had been the Mercury Dime produced?

We’ll start with the simplest question first. Manufacturing of the Mercury Dime began in 1916. The “Merc” changed the Barber Dime, which many individuals thought-about to be one of many least attention-grabbing coins ever produced. The US Mint continued making the Mercury Dime by means of 1945, by which period more than 2.6 billion of the cash had been struck.

The coin measures 17.9 millimeters in diameter, and weighs in at 2.5 grams. It is product of 90% silver and 10% copper. Which means that in every Mercury Dime there are 0.0723 Troy ounces of silver. So even a broken Mercury Dime is price greater than ten cents!

Now let’s jump to the largest misconception concerning the coin. I hope you’re sitting down, as a result of this may increasingly come as fairly a shock to you.

It’s not Mercury.

The obverse (heads) aspect of the coin actually portrays the goddess Liberty. The wings on Liberty’s cap symbolized freedom of thought. The coin’s designer, Adolph Alexander Weinman, had created a sculpture of Elsie Kachel Stevens years earlier. Although it is not sure, most people imagine that the portrait of Liberty is based on that work.

The reverse (tails) of the coin consists of a Fasces, which is an axe the deal with of which has been surrounded with a tied bundle of sticks, and an olive branch. The Fasces symbolizes the fact that although a single stick may be simply broken, certain collectively they’re far stronger than any one among them. In the identical approach, the states sure themselves together to form a strong Union. The axe signifies that the nation is ready for no matter military challenges could come its approach, however the olive department indicates the need for peace.

After the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1945, the nation clamored for some form of memorial to the person who had led the nation by way of World Battle II. It was decided that the design of the dime could be changed to honor FDR. The Roosevelt Dime made its first look in 1946.

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