Entertainer At A Kid’s Party

How Many Children to Invite to a 5th Birthday Party?

I had the task of organising my son’s 5th birthday only 3 weeks after he had joined a new school and I really didn’t know how many of the children I should invite.  Rather than ask the whole class for fear of too many children arriving (with siblings) we made a list of 15 names.

The next important job was to decide what activities I was going to do for the guests.We didn’t want to run the games ourselves as we wanted to meet the other parents. I also looked at the bouncy castle option but was worried about who would supervise the children. We opted for Whizz Bang Pop who supply children’s entertainers for ages 3- 12 years.They offered me loads of different types of activities.  To entertain all of the children it was only £145 for an hour and a half which was less than a tenner per head!

Hiring an entertainer meant we could offer the guests a fab range of activities. This was crucial I didn’t know the children very well.

As we had a hall the entertainer could have entertained more children, probably up to around 20 – 25.This amount was just right for us- not too busy or too quiet.The entertainer excelled at providing a wide range of activities for all of the kids.The activities were perfect, just right for the age group.She also paid special attention to the birthday boy and kept all of the children enthralled.

Party invitations, prizes, pass-the-parcel & music were also included.This was perfect as it meant I could cross this off my ‘to do’ list.  It was also included in the price.

In all the party went without a hitch.Your home, garden or park will also work for the entertainer.  This is a good option if you’re on a budget or have a big enough house or garden to accommodate them all.  It was lovely for me to be able to know the children were being entertained so I could meet the other mum’s form the schools and generally enjoy the party and the performer from Whizz Bang Pop