Encourage Your Kids To Read In A Kids Playhouse

Everyone needs a special reading nook to get really interested in a book and unwind.  Kids would like the same kind of special reading space.  Finding a quiet place where a child isn’t distracted by the television, computer games, ipods or gaming systems can be very difficult.  A child can use their kids playhouse as their special place to escape to read.

As a parent, getting your child to read on a daily basis can be rather hard when there are so many other activities competing for your child’s attention.  A children’s playhouse can be transformed into a comfortable and quiet environment quite easily to encourage your child to read.  It might be so inviting, that your child will actually choose to go to the outdoor play house to read without a battle.  Isn’t that a great situation to be in as a parent?

To turn an outdoor play house into a quiet and comfortable reading nook where your child will actually want to go to for their reading, try these four tips:

1.  Make it inviting.   Bean bag chairs or a comfy rocking chair can be just the thing for a child to hunker down and get reading.  Add a favorite blanket and colorful pillow and your child will find it hard to resist sitting down to read.  Construct a window seat with cushions and long, flowing curtains that can be drawn for privacy for a special place only used for reading.  How cool would that private area be for getting away to read?  Favorite snacks are also important to have on hand in the playhouse!

2.  Good reading lighting is essential.  When your child reads, it’s important to have good lighting.  Supply batter powered lights, or electric lights, if the natural lighting isn’t doing the job.  Kids love flashlights, battery powered lighting may be an great “fun factor” because it’s different from what they are used to when reading.

3.  Make available a variety of books in the playhouse.  Have additional books in the kids playhouse so that once a child is done with one book, they can easily pick up another and begin to read that book too.  To help young readers pick out books appropriate for their age group, go to your local library or search on-line for recommended reading list.  Alternatively, just taking your child to the library to have them pick out their own books is enough to make them want to read what they have selected themselves.  Make a rule to have the books stay in the playhouse so that the playhouse is considered the designated reading area.

4.  Distractions should be removed.  If your child’s playhouse will be used as their reading space, remove any of their favorite distractions.  Check the kids play house periodically to remove distractions that may have made their way into the playhouse.

Following these tips will make both your life easier and your child’s life happier.  When it comes time to filling out your child’s reading time log, you and your child will feel great when you are able to log the recommended reading times or better yet, logging extra minutes of reading time.  The dedicated reading nook area in a kids playhouse may be so successful to getting your child to read that you may want to pass your secret on to other parents!