Egyptian Bathroom Towels- Comfort At Its Best

Nothing quite beats the feeling of stepping out of a warm shower and wrapping up in an oversized, thirsty, exquisitely soft towel. That feeling gets even better when the towel is made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Long known as a standard of luxury among high class hotel guests and spa customers, Egyptian bathroom towels have become increasingly popular in the home.

What makes them good choices?

There are so many towels to choose from. Why go for Egyptian bathroom towels? The main reason to choose them is quality. This is the best choice for your family because it is far more durable than regular towels. Aside from being strong and long lasting, these towels are also more absorbent and can retain their deep, rich color for a longer period of time than ordinary towels. This isn’t because of some special technology used in making them. The nature of Egyptian cotton is what gives them their outstanding qualities.

What exactly is cotton from Egypt?

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that Egyptian cotton comes from Egypt, particularly from the Nile region. This is one of the best places to grow cotton because it is humid and the region is characterized by rich soil. These are what create the kind of cotton that has extra long fibers. Egyptian fiber is actually double the length of that of American cotton fiber.

This extra length means that it can be spun into extra-fine threads that have all the absorbency and strength of regular cotton, with the added benefit of extra softness. This makes Egyptian bathroom towels not only strong and durable, but incredibly soft. Because this long staple cotton is so ultra-absorbent, it absorbs dyes beautifully. It can be dyed into rich, deep hues that keep their color longer. In fact, an Egyptian bathroom towel will keep its beautiful color long after regular cotton towels have faded.

What to search for in these towels?

There are two things to look for when purchasing your own Egyptian cotton towels:

1. It should come in one hundred percent Egyptian cotton.

As with most high quality products, you can expect to encounter imitations of Egyptian towels that are made of lower grade cotton. If you want true comfort, settle only for genuine items. You might be able to tell the difference between originals and fakes if you look at the product tag or logo. Be sure yours has a dark pyramid surrounding a cotton plant.

2. Settle for a 200 thread count.

Thread count is the measurement used to determine how many threads are woven into a square inch of fabric. Generally, a 200-thread count in regular cotton will produce a soft, durable fabric. In Egyptian cotton, a 200-thread count is even softer, thanks to the finer nature of the long cotton staple itself. Higher thread counts are available; the higher the count, the softer the fabric.

Where can I find Egyptian bathroom towels?

You’ll find no trouble looking for Egyptian bathroom towels even if you aren’t in Egypt. This is mainly because they have become so popular that many stores now sell them in their home and bath sections. For your greater convenience, you can also buy your towels from the internet. This is a good option if you want more colors to choose from.