Discover The Top Ten Tips For Making Wooden Playhouses Unique

Does your child wish for an outdoor play house that they can tailor to their own tastes and preferences? There are many unique features, fun areas, and kid-friendly elements to encourage imaginative play that can be included in a children’s playhouse. Incorporating some of these elements into your own play house will make it standout from wooden playhouses that are average or off-the-rack.

Find out the top kid-rated, fun features are of wooden playhouses!  Consider any one of these following elements to your own wooden play house:

  1. Trap door. Your child will love this hidden door feature. Adding a trap door to a playhouse house ensures that your kids playhouse is special and unique.  It adds significantly to the imaginative and creative play your child can experience in the the playhouse.
  2. Skylights. Kids are always interested in their surroundings and a skylight is a great way to bring the outdoors inside.  Your child will gain a new perspective on the outside world with a skylight in their playhouse.
  3. Stilts. An elevated playhouse on stilts is something every kid wants and desires. Having a playhouse above ground is something kids view as a “cool” factor.  The above ground playhouse feature can easily be incorporated into playing “pirates at sea” and “the attack of alien space ships”.  Why not encourage that creativity on a regular basis with a playhouse that is elevated?
  4. Fireman’s pole. Firemen are revered by children. Do you remember how many times you as a child pretended to play a fireman? Lots! If your child is really in to playing “fireman”, then you should consider adding a fireman’s pole to his outdoor play house.
  5. Lookout tower. One doesn’t see many enclosed or open lookout towers for playhouses, but it’s a feature that sets your playhouse apart from others.
  6. Loft area. Having a loft area allows another dimension to wooden playhouses where kids can have sleep overs or a child can just get away to somewhere quiet.
  7. Patio, porch or deck. What kid doesn’t want their own patio, porch or deck, just like a real home has?
  8. Pass through window. Kids love having a lemonade stand or pretending to play like they are driving through a McDonald’s restaurant.  Having a pass through window allows these types of kid-friendly activities to occur.
  9. Built in bench and table. A built in bench and table makes the playhouse so much more inviting and comfortable to kids.
  10. Dutch doors. Dutch doors are fun and aren’t found in a typical home so they are intriguing to children.  Your child will enjoy being able to open the top or the bottom or both the top and bottom.

The top 10 list to make your kids playhouse unique will give you and your child many ideas on what should be incorporated into a children’s playhouse for the ultimate in fun.   You will be able to customize wooden playhouses to your child’s likes, at the same time making the playhouse unique, which will make your child happy for a very long time.