Can You Lose Weight With Exercise Alone

Many people find diets hard to maintain. When you have the habit of eating a lot it is very hard to break this. At snack time it is very hard to stop yourself from picking no matter how good your intentions are. This could result in you getting quite upset that you cannot seem to lose any weight. The fact is that you want to have it both ways; you want to eat a lot and lose weight at the same time. If that was possible then you would really be able to have your cake and eat it.


A lot of people think that they can increase the amount of exercise they do so that they can lose weight and not worry about cutting down on the amount they eat. Surely you can carry on eating as you were if you do more exercise because you will be burning off more calories. This does have a sense of logic to it but unfortunately it can be a lot harder to pull off in reality. Yes exercising will burn calories, but it can take a lot of exercise to burn even a small snack. A Mars bar for example contains around 250 calories and in order to burn that amount of calories off you would have to run for around twenty minutes. If you like to eat a lot of chocolate then you would need to do a lot of running. Most people are probably not going to exercise more than an hour a day so they are only going to burn off about 500 calories; the amount that many people eat for a snack.


Unless you were exercising a few hours a day it would be very hard to burn off calories by exercise alone. So you really have to be thinking about what you are eating as well. So if you really want to lose weight you must change your diet.


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