2 Little Known Ghoulish Characters You Can Use For Halloween Cards

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You are already acquainted with the popular Halloween characters like ghosts, goblins, ghouls, witches, vampires, scarecrows, etc. In this article I will let you know of two little known Halloween characters that not many are intimate with! Try them for a scary change in this year’s Halloween cards!

1. Mummies: Mummies are traditionally associated with the country of Egypt, and rightfully so, for the fear of mummies originated with the Egyptians. In the ancient age the practice of mummification of the dead was hot. Actually, mummification, a ritual done to; the dead, was reserved only for men of high importance, such as kings, queens, etc.

The concern with; actually arose in this practice. Later on further studies were conducted on the process of mummification and then a new fear took over: the concern with being buried alive!

In the 20th century Hollywood moviemakers took full benefit of this;mummy fear; by producing movies around that theme. This further entrenched the fear of mummies in the minds of ordinary people!

When equated with ghosts and vampires, the mummy is not a favorite Halloween figure. Only very few individuals use it as their invitation card’s theme. Some people even use "mummy" costumes and decorations to celebrate Halloween!

2. Zombies: The zombie, or the "living dead" was far from popular until Hollywood film director George A. Romero iconized it in his chilling 1968 movie called "Night of the Living Dead". From then on zombies have grown a family of their own, joining the list of scary creatures that individuals are more often than not frightened of!

Even so, in comparison to the majority other Halloween characters, zombies are almost real! In fact, recent reports have pointed out that Zombies used to form an intrinsic part of the Voodoo practice. As reported by other studies, any living person can behave like a zombie if he consumes certain powerful drugs that are believed to produce this effect!

So, in case the mummies don’t inspire you, or if you do not feel they would make ideal characters for your Halloween cards, test the zombies. A word of advice: kids are very easily scared by zombies, so if yours is a children’s party or in case children are also invited to the party then it is better not have anything related to zombies as part of party decorations, Halloween costumes and of course the invitation cards!

As you should be able to see, when looking at Halloween you are not limited to the normal ghosts and witches. Have a unique party centering around one of the two scary figures I described above, and watch the guests truly getting horrified by the macabre party atmosphere!